Lisa and Paul

Hello, we are Paul and Lisa and Thomas.

We admire your courage in exploring adoption and can only imagine what an important and difficult decision this is for you. We are writing to tell you a little bit about us and the loving family we would provide for your child. We hope that you can help us fulfill our dream of growing our family.

We met eight years ago and realized quickly how much we loved each other. We married two years later in England surrounded by our closest friends and family. We were overjoyed to share the love and warmth of our relationship with our son Thomas, who we adopted through open adoption 2 1/2 years ago. It has been the most wonderful time of our lives! We live in a wonderful old historic district of San Jose, California. In our neighborhood we have met many families with young children and we have lots of playdates with Thomas and his friends. It is a safe, quiet and friendly area, rich in cultural diversity. We are within walking distance of playgrounds, schools, a library, shops, restaurants and a farmers market. It’s a great place to raise a family!

Lisa grew up in Reading, England in a loving, caring and close family with whom she shares a love of sports, cooking, gardening and the outdoors. She has one younger brother and despite the distance, she maintains an extremely close relationship with her family. Lisa is a Golf Professional and grew up playing golf. After competing all over the world she started teaching golf. Lisa is especially passionate about teaching golf to her young students. Recently, Lisa made the decision to be a fill time mom, she is cherishing all the time she has to spend with her family.

Lisa has made the USA home fore 20 years and is now a US Citizen. In her free time she enjoys many activities with Paul and Thomas such as swimming, cycling, visiting playgrounds, going to the beach. Lisa also loves to cook and bbq with Paul, garden, gold, attend sporting events, and spend time with friends. She loves to travel and is excited about taking her children on family vacation in their RV and abroad.

Both Paul and Lisa feel very fortunate to have Lisa stay home with their children. Paul’s job is flexible and allows them lots of quality family time together. Lisa is a kind, loving, nurturing person, and is excited about a little brother or sister for Thomas. She looks forward to many things like baking cookies and planting seeds in her garden with her children.

Paul grew up in the north east of England, in a small but close family that taught him to value education and independence. He remains close to his family and friends in the UK. As a child he was interested in music, sports and computers. His love of technology let him to become an engineer, through which he has traveled and loved in many countries. Eventually, he settled in California where he met Lisa. Paul is director of engineering at Netflix. He makes sure you get your movies on time! He enjoys the variety of day to day projects and loves managing a large team of people, he is very passionate about his work.

Paul is god humored, hard working, loyal and extremely loving. In his free time he loves swimming with Thomas, walking Sandy the dog, reading, flying (he has a pilot’s license) and traveling. His is a big sports fan, and has loved taking Thomas to see San Francisco Giants baseball and San Jose Sharks hockey. Paul also loves to play music, he is excited to introduce his children to a variety of music, and hopefully teach them to play the trumpet, like he does.

Thomas is happy, content and easy going little boy. Thomas loves to be outside especially in his sand box, he is learning to ride his tricycle and loves to take trips around the neighborhood. On weekends we spend lots of time at the beach swimming at our local pool. He loves music, books, and his Winnie the pooh bear. His kinds, loving and affectionate disposition will make him a wonderful big brother! Our lose friends visit often and Thomas has a close and loving relationship with many of them. Our parents and families continue to visit often to spend time with Thomas. They are all thrilled to welcome a new addition to our family. We look forward to many more vacations back in England, and frequent visits of our extended family to California.

We believe in nurturing relationships built on mutual respect, honesty and love. We will be loving, caring, encouraging and supportive parents. Our child will share in a wide range of educational, recreational, social and cultural experiences. We have an open adoption with Thomas’s birth family and we try to et together at least once a year. We are committed to open adoption and will always support our child knowing and loving their birth family.

We want to provide your baby with a wonderful life in a joyful and secure home. We respect your courage and love in considering adoption and would be grateful if you would consider us to be your baby’s parents. If you would like to talk to us directly, you can contact us on 1-800-434-1715, day or night, or you can speak to our adoption counselor, Lisa Clark, 24 hours a day at 1-800-969-6665.

Thank you.