Han and Spencer

Hello! Thank you for reading our letter and giving us the chance to introduce ourselves. We greatly respect your decision to explore options for what might be best for you and your baby. We hope you will consider us if you decide on adoption.

We met in San Francisco and dated a few years before we got married in 2005. We had talked about the importance of family to us early in our relationship. We knew we wanted children and were always open to adoption. Now that we have discovered our infertility challenges, we have decided that adoption is how we will build our family.

We are fortunate in many ways, surrounded by much love with supportive partners and close family and friends. We live in San Francisco amid much natural beauty and in an area that thrives on innovation, intellectual curiosity and cultural diversity. Our home and family environment have much to offer young children.

We grew up in families that emphasized education. We both have graduate degrees in business. Spencer worked at Yahoo! for several years and now owns his own Internet business. Han worked at a foundation focused on healthcare reform for a long time and recently joined a firm managing investments for foundations and endowments. Outside of work, we enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and traveling. We also like to cook and volunteer at local charities. We helped at a dog rescue and adopted an English bulldog a few years ago. Her name was Piggy when we rescued her but we call her Ziggy, we think it better suits her. She is very sweet and is great with little kids.

We really enjoy spending time with kids and spent a lot time with Han’s nieces and nephew when they lived in San Francisco. They only recently moved away and hope to return soon. They still come often to visit and stay with us. Han is very nurturing, feeding, bathing and reading to them as she puts them to bed. She also bakes special meals and treats for and with them. She loves to take photos of all the kids and create photo gifts of them (books, calendars, cards, etc.). Spencer is a big kid at heart and is often pushing them around on wagons, teaching them to bike, play ball and jumping on the trampoline with them.

We and our families look forward to the opportunity to welcome a child into our lives. We will seek new adventures, travel, and enjoy many outdoor activities with them. We will also share our love of family, appreciation of cultural diversity, and a curiosity about life. We will emphasize the importance of education, respect for others, and contributing positively to society. Our family will be surrounded by devoted grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, who are all eager to welcome a new addition to our family.

We are excited about the opportunity to learn more about you. You can reach us anytime on our toll free line 1-800-574-4970 or at www.hanandspencer.com. Or if you prefer, you can call at anytime our adoption counselors, Lynne Silver or Lisa Clark, at 1-800-547-5594.

Wth all our love and support,

Han and Spencer